Leonard Peltier Art Gallery
King of Horses
Warrior Mother
Protector of the Woods
High Resolutions
11" x 14"
..Orginial owned by Jane Fonda
Crazy Horse
High Resolution
11"x 14"
Welcome to the Leonard Peltier Art Gallery:
Leonard Peltier  is a Native American activist and member of the American Indian Movement (AIM). In 1977 he was convicted and sentenced to
two consecutive terms of life imprisonment for the death of two Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agents during a 1975 conflict on the Pine
Ridge Indian Reservation.

Peltier's indictment and conviction have been the subject of controversy; Amnesty International placed his case under the "Unfair Trials" category
of its Annual Report: USA 2010.  He is currently serving his 39th year in prison, the only hope for freedom is receiving executive clemency from
the President of the United States.

While in prison, Peltier became a self taught artist. His  paintings reflect the strength and commitment in his heart for the struggle of his People
to retain a natural way of life in the face of great adversity. But painting means so much more to Leonard.

"Painting is a way to examine the world in ways denied me by the United States justice system, a way to travel beyond the walls and bars of the
penitentiary. Through my paints I can be with my People — in touch with my culture, tradition, and spirit. I can watch little children in regalia,
dancing and smiling; see my elders in prayer; behold the intense glow in a warrior's eye. As I work the canvas, I am a free man."
Chauncey Peltier is Leonard Peltier's son and a Board member of the International Leonard Peltier Defense Committee. He was only 10 years old
at the time of his father arrest. This one singular event was extremely devastating for Chauncey, it left him without a father  forcing him to care
for himself and his family. Chauncey has been involved in his father's struggle for freedom all of his adult life and is the Director of Art for the
ILPDC. If interested in displaying Leonard Peltier's art in your local area, want to purchase an original oil painting or print or wish more
details on Leonard's art please contact Chauncey at clpeltierartgallery@gmail.com
For more information on  Art Work please contact Chauncey Peltier

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